Wolves News · 2018-2019 Boys Basketball Team

We would like to thank all of those that attended tryouts over the past two days. This is a very competitive year with a lot of good players in the program. We commend you on your efforts and realize all of the hard work that goes into being a good basketball player. The following boys made the Fremont Basketball Team:


  • Calvin Peterson
  • Ryken Nye


  • Baylor Harrop
  • Talmage Mitchell
  • Judd Belnap
  • Tige Voorhees
  • Wyatt Howell
  • Harrison Stimpson
  • Dallin Hall
  • Mitch Stratford
  • Bridger Smith
  • Kipp Calder
  • Carter Warren
  • Kai Featherstone


  • Stockton Chugg
  • Jake Slater
  • Kord Boyle
  • Jaden Snarr
  • Tage Bingham
  • Davis Stewart
  • Jace Penland
  • Cole Nelson


  • Hayden Hall
  • Michael Dickerson
  • Drake Parker
  • Cutler Warren
  • Dakota Argyle

Thanks once again to all of those that put it on the line and gave it their all. Head up and keep working hard down the path you choose to take. Let me know if there is anything that I can help you out with in the future.


We will have team pictures tomorrow. The juniors and seniors will practice during 4th period tomorrow. All juniors and seniors will need to see their counselor tomorrow morning to get their schedule switched around prior to practice. If there are problems, please see Coach Melaney or an administrator. Please wear your practice gear to practice tomorrow. You will be given new gear after practice ends at 3:30. All players will be given practice jerseys and shorts and their game jerseys and shorts along with warm-ups, backpack and water bottle tomorrow. You will be assigned a locker in the boys team room. You need to have a lock to secure all of this expensive stuff. Sophomore and freshman need to come into the main gym at 3:30 to be given everything after the junior and senior practice. Pictures will be around 4-4:30. Sophomores and freshman will then have a practice from 5:30-7. At 7 pm, there will be a dinner and parent meeting up in the lecture hall at Fremont HS. Please have players and parents all attend this dinner/meeting. We will introduce our coaching staff and get you familiar with our program and policies. We are excited to begin another fun year at Fremont HS. We hope to be done with dinner/meeting by 8 pm. Congratulations on making the basketball team. This truly is an amazing accomplishment! GO WOLVES!